Ons Assortiment


Brands Fish has a very diversified client base and specializes in high quality custom work.
The processing and editing possibilities are endless and all our products can be packed to the customer specification.
From bulk packaging for catering and re-processing purposes to small bags and boxes for retail.
If desired, all products can be produced blank, but under private label as well.


Whole salmon is available in sizes:

2-3 , 3-4 , 4-5 , 5-6 , 6-7

(+/- 20kg chilled packed in polystyrene box)

Salmon filets

Our salmon fillets are available in sizes:

- 700gr to 1.000gr

- 1000gr to 1.400gr

-1.400gr to 1.800gr

-1.800gr to 2.200gr

-2.000gr to 2.400gr

As trim A, B, C, D, E, E DSK.


Salmon portions - Our machines divide the fillets into the desired portions that meet the specific customer specifications, weight and size demands.